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The best toffee you will ever eat.

Or so we've been told, over and over amongst our bevy of taste testers. 

Seasonal item available now!
Our matzah toffee will only be available until April 18, 2024 and we do have a very limited capacity for taking orders. Email us for details at

Milk Chocolate Matzah Toffee

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Third Coast Matzah Toffee 12oz box.png

12 oz box $28

7 layers of matzah toffee heaven.
Milk chocolate, matzah, butter, sugar.

Available soon!

Find us at a local Farmer's Market later this year.

Milk Chocolate Almond Toffee


Milk chocolate, almonds, butter, sugar. Delicious and crunchy.

Dark Chocolate Pistachio Toffee


Dark chocolate, pistachio, butter, sugar. Pure decadence.


Almond toffee in bowl.png
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Welcome to Third Coast Toffee, where every batch we blend time-honored recipes with our own unique twist, ensuring each bite is a moment of pure indulgence. Third Coast Toffee is based out of Highland Park Illinois, along the shores of Lake Michigan, where Mike & Jen can often be found paddling the beautiful waters of what is sometimes referred to as America's Third Coast. Crafting artisanal toffee is more than a passion for us – it's a journey through flavors and traditions. As the heart and hands behind our artisanal treats, join us on this delicious adventure as we share our love for toffee with the world, one irresistible piece at a time.

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